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The king is dead, long live…? TemplaVoilà and its epigones – Part 1: FluidTYPO3

For years TemplaVoilà (TV) was the de facto standard for building complex website layouts in TYPO3. But since further development has more or less ceased and as the release of the next LTS version of TYPO3 is imminent, an answer to the question, of what to use instead of TV, is badly needed. Luckily there exist quite a few pretenders to the throne, TemplaVoilà left abandoned, though a new king has not been crowned yet.

With this post I start a series of articles, in which I will try to give an overview of already available alternatives to TemplaVoilà, while also showing some other ongoing efforts inside the TYPO3 community for improving the page and content templating capabilities of TYPO3 CMS.

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