Problems getting to run TYPO3 Neos on your Mac? Here is probably how to fix it

In case you wanted to try out the new Content Management System TYPO3 Neos, either in a Beta version or in version 1.0, you may have come across a weird problem when installing it on your local development environment on your Mac.

In my case the setup process broke at some time with this exception:

Thanks to Nick Poaros I was able to fix the problem pretty fast. He also came across the problem and posted a solution in the TYPO3 support forum.

To shorten it down: The problem comes from MySQL, which handles the InnoDB indexes differently depending on its version (in my case MySQL 5.6.13). For details see for example here.

Some TYPO3 Neos core members are already dealing with the problem, but as a quick fix just do the following:

In the package TYPO3.TYPO3CR locate the migration Version20131129110302.php in Migrations/Mysql/.

Then replace the line


After that rerun the setup process and everything should do fine.

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