How to easily get rid of formatting when pasting text to TYPO3’s RTE

When adding text content to a TYPO3 site you most probably Copy & Paste it from some other files. Chances are even high that you have a formatted Word document or a PDF file, which you got from your client or some other department of your company. And you all know what happens next: when pasting the formatted text as is to TYPO3’s Rich Text Editor (RTE), the format of the text is preserved, messing up your text layout. Meh.

In fact there are many ways to bypass this annoying behavior. You could paste the text to a simple text editor and re-copy it from there before pasting it to the RTE. You could deactivate the RTE before pasting in the text. Or you could use the RTE’s built in formatting cleaner. While all of these options are viable, they are not particularly user friendly, especially if you have a lot of text content to add.

But, there’s a way of pasting text, I wasn’t aware of until recently and which makes it much easier: Using Mac’s built in “Paste and Match Style” function, which will paste in the copied text using the current environment’s formatting (i.e. the RTE’s formatting in our case). By default the shortcut for this is:

So just use this keyboard shortcut instead of ⌘V when pasting text to the RTE and you save a lot of time in the long term.

And it even can be more comfortable. Just make the “Paste and Match Style” behavior to your Mac’s default behavior for pasting in text with ⌘V. To do so, follow some simple steps, which are e.g. described here.

If your Mac is running a localized version of OS X, you have to be aware of one fact, though (regarding the linked article above, describing how to switch the behavior): It won’t work if you’re using the English labels “Paste and Match Style” and “Paste” (the latter for making the default behavior still accessible). Instead you have to use the translated labels for it. E.g. for German this would be: “Einsetzen und Stil anpassen” for “Paste and Match Style” and “Einsetzen” for “Paste”.

But there’s another problem, I came across: Some programs might use different translations than the default one’s. E. g. “Einsetzen und Stil anpassen” is working for Safari, but not for Chrome. For Chrome you would have to add two more custom shortcuts, again in German: “Einfügen und Formatvorlage anpassen” for ⌘V and “Einfügen” for ⌥⇧⌘V.

And last but not least: Firefox doesn’t provide a menu option for “Paste and Match Style”, yet. It only supports the keyboard shortcut by now, resulting in the fact that switching “Paste and Match Style” and “Paste” has no effect in Firefox. You still need to use ⌥⇧⌘V for pasting without formatting, even if you have switched it in the system settings…

So now, happy copying and pasting!

ps: I don’t know if “Paste and Match Style” and switching it with “Paste” is available on Windows machines. But it seems there are ways, to make it possible, see e.g. here.


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